A realization…

…of just how hard the challenge is.

I have been running consistently for a couple of weeks ranging from 26 miles to 15 miles. I had two hard weeks of running 26 and 23 miles and then took a few easier weeks following as I was having some problems with my hamstring. On the 1st week of that I went and thought I would try and see how my 5km time is currently.


So I ran 23:16 with an average pace of 7:16 miles. So a personal best for me!! Amazing! Just after a couple of hard and committed weeks running. I’m happy with the time but it also dawned upon me the task I’ve taken on. Don’t take it lightly, this run was full 100% effort, I don’t think I could have given anything more. It really took it out of me and I ended up having a low milage week (15 miles) as a result of this. This is still 3 minutes and 17 seconds off the time I need. A mile a minute needs to come off my time. A WHOLE MINUTE PER MILE. My god! Currently I can’t imagine running that much faster.

I always knew it was going to be a long goal and I’m glad that I didn’t think it would be a quick 8 week training session and boom, goal done. But this run really highlighted the years I have of hard running before I can achieve this goal.

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