Running week 20th April

Here I’m just going to talk about the weeks training, what I did and how I think it went. Maybe setting a plan for next week or changing anything accordingly.

I began the week with an easy run. This consisted of running for 30 minutes at an easy pace. I just ran for 30 minutes trying to keep it nice and easy, as soon as it felt too hard I just slowed down. Although I recorded the run using my watch I wasn’t paying attention to the pace. The goal here was not pace but just time on my pet. To let my body recover but still get some miles in.

Now it was time for my hard run. The goal of this run was to get more miles in my legs (you’ll notice a theme here!) but also let my body feel what it’ll be like to be pushing it for multiple miles. I started off with a 1 mile warm up, this was taken really easily and I ran super comfortably. Then the work begins and I ran at 80% for 2 miles. If you don’t know what 80% is yet, keep running and you’ll get an idea of what they feels like for you. Then because I chose to do a loop I finished the remaining bit off with a slow cool down run.

After a one day rest to let my legs not take a pounding for a day, I went back for a hard run. But this one was all about distance. I made up a nice route and enjoyed the scenery around my lovely village. It didn’t matter how fast I was running I just wanted to build the aerobic endurance and get my body stronger. A lot of strength and endurance is built during these long slow (hard) runs.

The following day I took to an easy familar route. This again was not about the speed, you’ll notice it was slower a slower average pace than the run the previous day. It was just to get more miles in without straining my body too hard and allowing for some amount of recovery.

April 25ths run was a bit different because at this point in the week I had covered 16.76 miles and my right calf was sore. I orginally wasn’t planning to run but after some foam rolling and 24 hours rest I decided to head back out. I had no plans for this run but I knew I just needed miles. Overall I went for a shorter faster run as these will be my most important runs during the challenge. It turned out quite well!

To wrap a hard week but successful week of running I went out again with not too much of an idea of what to do. This one was a different route and very slightly more miles with a bit more speed. Spending more time at a higher speed is going to be really help build that strength required to run at faster paces. These faster runs combine with a longer one during the week should really help round out my running.

This week was amazing for me. I realized that it was my highest milage week ever! Even higher than the weeks I was training for a half marathon. I think this is due to the amount of times I went out. Normally I would run 3-4 times a week and do more milage during the runs. This week I went out and ran less miles but ran more often. I think this meant I was more excited to go out and push myself during each run due to the shorter/faster nature of them. Thanks for wrapping up the week with me and until next time, keep running! 🙂

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