Where am I at? What’s the plan?

What am I currently capable of running?

So let’s begin. Where am I currently at? What am I currently capable of? I started running in 2016 and ran my first 10k on 1st January 2016.

One of my favourite running locations

Let’s take a look at my yearly milage since I began. In 2016 I ran 90 miles and spent 14 hours running. This was an important year because I building up my milage and actually getting my fitness to the point I could run multiple miles back to back. 2017 saw a big rise to 447 miles at this point I was well and truly into the sport. 2018 would see a slight dip falling short of 400 miles and clocking in at 394.7 miles. The next year, 2019, would see my lowest milage year since I started running. There are some rthym and reasons behind this curve. In 2017 I would run my first half marathon “Hastings Half Marathon” in a time of 2:02:57. Just shy of the 2 hour mark. Also immedaitely after finishing running and stopping the watch, to realize the time. I decided I needed to go sub 2 hours. From there on out this was my running goal. In September of 2018 I would beat the goal with a time of 1:56:33, a whole 18 months after setting the goal. This is because half marathons, for me at least, took a lot out of me.

  1. I needed a month or so after one to rest and let my knees feel free again
  2. It took several months of training to get to 13.1 miles.

With these points in mind it took considerably longer than I thought to break the goal. Although between my first and goal breaking half marathon, I had only ran one other in a time of 2:12:19, quite the disappointment. Then in 2019 I had no goals to run for and let me tell you running is hard! So when I had nothing to go for the motivation dropped. Hence the 230 miles. Hence the sub 20 goal. I always thought it would be cool to run a sub 20 5km but never thought it possible. I’ve decided to at least try!

Now let’s take a look at what sort of times I’ve run.

The only events I have really pushed for a PB have been the 5k and half marathon. Currently my PB for a parkrun(5km timed run weekly!) is 23:44. So I need to shave off 3 minutes and 45 seconds in order to achieve my goal of sub 20. Incase you’re not a runner, that’s a bloody lot of time! At the moment, I have ran at the 24-25 minute mark, so even further off the time.

What’s the plan?

So? The action plan is to first go for a sub 22, still 1:44 off my PB. To start this journey I’m going to just try and get back to regular running. Running anywhere from 3-6 times a week. I’ll always be taking one day to rest. I’ve given myself such a wide range of days to run because I just want to get back into some routine and forcing myself to start with 6 days will probably lead to burnout. The rough idea for my running will be the good old, easy hard easy hard routine. It’s a simple concept but the easy days are ways that you can get some miles under your belt but still recover. Hard days are where you push yourself either through a faster run or a longer run. For now it doesn’t matter which we are doing but I’ll be aiming for a longer(ish) run and a tempo run throughout the week.

Hopefully this gave you a good idea of my current level and a short overview of how I’m going to progress this insane goal. Until next time! Keep running

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