Tom Cockram

Writer / Gamer / Runner

A personal blog to share my lifes ramblings.

Hi, my name’s Tom and I’m a writer/video gamer/runner/ sports person! I spend my time with the above activities. This is a place for me to pratice and share my writing but also advertise my freelance writing.


Follow my journey through the wonderful world of running with blogs such as the ‘goingsub20’ which follows my goal of achieving a sub 20 minute 5km.

Gaming / Esports

Art work by Natsumen

Thoughts on esports and gaming. A space for my ramblings and thoughts on the scenes and what the hip happening is.

Freelance writing

Art work by Natsumen

I offer freelance writing services and editorial work with a niche in esports – Dota 2 and Valorant. Here you can find my examples of my work.

Get In Touch

You can reach me via email or by clicking the bird and sending me a direct message on Twitter.